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Email Link   Meeting Documents for December 2008

COVID-19 update: virtual Council meetings

On 25 March 2020, the Local Government Act 1993 was amended to allow councils to meet remotely to reduce the coronavirus risk.

The amendment allows our Council meetings to be closed to the public if a livestreamed webcast is made available.

Extraordinary Council meeting scheduled for Thursday 9 April at 4.30pm

The meeting will be closed to the public and livestreamed at (external link).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - Council Meeting

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Collapse Agenda and Late ReportsAgenda and Late Reports
Collapse AttachmentsAttachments
Minutes of Subcoms_Australia Day Committee (20kb)
Minutes of Subcoms_Community Development and Support (28kb)
1 [GM-CM] Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Pro_1 (503kb)
1 [GM-CM] Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Pro_2 (2.46mb)
2 [TCS-CM] Councillors - Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for Mayors and Councillors (192kb)
P2 [PR-PC] Land and Env Appeal No 10214 Seabreeze_1 (454kb)
P2 [PR-PC] Land and Env Appeal No 10214 Seabreeze_2 (1,864kb)
P3 [PR-PC] Unauthorised land use_Jam Shed (18kb)
P4 [PR-PC] Unauthorised Works Barnby Street Mbah_1 (1,015kb)
P4 [PR-PC] Unauthorised Works Barnby Street Mbah_2 (154kb)
P7 [PR-PC] DA07_0966 Cypress Cresent Cabarita_1 (2.59mb)
P7 [PR-PC] DA07_0966 Cypress Cresent Cabarita_2 (2.66mb)
P7 [PR-PC] DA07_0966 Cypress Cresent Cabarita_3 (2.60mb)
P7 [PR-PC] DA07_0966 Cypress Cresent Cabarita_4 (733kb)
P8 [PR-PC] DA08_0138 Florence Place Tweed Heads (1,332kb)
P11 [PR-PC] DA07_1399 Fraser Drive Tweed Heads Sth_1 (2.13mb)
P11 [PR-PC] DA07_1399 Fraser Drive Tweed Heads Sth_2 (3.51mb)
P12 [PR-PC] DA08_0777 Marine Pde Kingscliff (1,268kb)
P14 [PR-PC] DA06_1034.06 Henry Lawson Dve_1 (54kb)
P14 [PR-PC] DA06_1034.06 Henry Lawson Dve_2 (271kb)
P14 [PR-PC] DA06_1034.06 Henry Lawson Dve_3 (239kb)
P14 [PR-PC] DA06_1034.06 Henry Lawson Dve_4 (38kb)
P16 [EO-PC] Amendment to Contribution Plan 4_1 (1,415kb)
P16 [EO-PC] Amendment to Contribution Plan 4_2 (177kb)
P16 [EO-PC] Amendment to Contribution Plan 4_3 (28kb)
P17 [PR-PC] DA07_1287 Tweed Coast Road_1 (115kb)
P17 [PR-PC] DA07_1287 Tweed Coast Road_2 (1,016kb)
P17 [PR-PC] DA07_1287 Tweed Coast Road_3 (439kb)
O2 [GM-OC] Managing Local Tourism (183kb)
O4 [PR-OC] Beach Vehicle Policy Review (173kb)
O8 [EO-OC] Murwillumbah Multi Level Parking_1_2 (244kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Closure_14 (19kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_1 (994kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_2 (993kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_3 (545kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_4 (545kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_5 (1,821kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_6 (22kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_7 (23kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_8 (11kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_9 (571kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_10 (1,482kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_11 (152kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_12 (37kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_12a (19kb)
O14 [EO-OC] Bay Street Road Closure_13 (1,899kb)
O15 [CNR-OC] Restoring Watercourses Wetlands & Coastal Lakes on North Coast 08_11 (10.45mb)
O19 [CNR-OC] Offer of Assistance Tweed River and Tweed Coast Estuaries MP (896kb)
O20 [CNR-OC] Dune Vegetation Screens (1,438kb)
O21 [CNR-OC] Request for In Kind Support_1 (82kb)
O21 [CNR-OC] Rquest for In Kind Support_2 (98kb)
aP17 [PR-PC] DA07/0022 No 21 Tweed Coast Road, Hastings Point (1,307kb)
aaP17 [PR-PC] DA07/1314 No 99 Tweed Coast Road, Bogangar (1,291kb)
Collapse MinutesMinutes

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - Tweed Coast Holiday Parks Reserves Trust

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