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Email Link   Meeting Documents for April 2008

COVID-19 update: virtual Council meetings

On 25 March 2020, the Local Government Act 1993 was amended to allow councils to meet remotely to reduce the coronavirus risk.

The amendment allows our Council meetings to be closed to the public if a livestreamed webcast is made available.

Extraordinary Council meeting scheduled for Thursday 9 April at 4.30pm

The meeting will be closed to the public and livestreamed at (external link).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - Council Meeting

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Collapse Agenda and Late ReportsAgenda and Late Reports
Collapse AttachmentsAttachments
P1 [PR-PC] DA06/1332 Kyogle Road, Mount Burrell (193kb)
P4 [PR-PC] DA07/0595 Koala Beach to Seabreeze Link Road (886kb)
P10 [EO-PC] Subdivision Manual Section A5 of the Tweed DCP (1,265kb)
P11 [EO-PC] Development of Flood Liable Land Section A3 of Tweed DCP (223kb)
O1 [PR-OC]  Appointment as an Enforcement Agency under NSW Food Act (90kb)
O3 [TCS-OC] Donations and Subsidies Policy Amendment (54kb)
O4 [TCS-OC] Policy Review - Councillors - Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for Mayors and Councillors (87kb)
O5 [TCS-OC] Amendments to Policies - Customer Service - Response to Correspondence - Complaint Handling (149kb)
O6 [TCS-OC] Policy Amendment Disposal of Assets (97kb)
O9 [TCS-OC] 2008-2011 Draft Management Plan (1,122kb)
O9 [TCS-OC] Draft 2008-2009 Budget (193kb)
O9 [TCS-OC] Draft 2008-2009 Fees And Charges (1,319kb)
O9 [TCS-OC] Draft 2008-2009 Revenue Policy and Statement (279kb)
O9 [TCS-OC] Letter from Dept of Local Govt (374kb)
O20 [EO-OC] Tweed Heads Parking Study Review 2hr Limit - Tweed Heads Hospital (73kb)
O22 [EO-OC] Pandanus Pde Bogangar Upgrade (943kb)
O27 [EO-OC] 40km High Pedestrian Zone - Coronation Ave Pottsville (87kb)
O30 [CNR-OC] Funding Variation of Council Report (195kb)
O31 [CNR-OC] Regional Water Plan (444kb)
O35 [CNR-OC] Coastal Turf Effluent Irrigation (838kb)
O36 [CNR-OC] Request In Kind Support Waive Fee (518kb)
O38 [CNR-OC] Shire Wide Community & Facilities Plan (3.23mb)
O39 [CNR-OC] Aboriginal Advisory Committee Constitution (41kb)
P7(a) [PR-PC] Tweed Shire Urban Land Release Strategy (8.54mb)
P7(b) [PR-PC] Tweed Shire Employment Lands Strategy (12.94mb)
P7(c) [PR-PC] Murwillumbah Locality DCP (5.74mb)
P7(d) [PR-PC] Pottsville Locality Plan - Draft DCP (1,371kb)
P7(d) [PR-PC] Pottsville Locality Plan - Draft Locality Plan (3.47mb)
P8 [PR-PC] Tweed Residential & Tourist Code (6.99mb)
P9 [PR-PC] Residential & Tourist Code - Hastings Point Review (558kb)
Collapse MinutesMinutes

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 - Council Meeting - CANCELLED

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