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Conveyancing Form

If you submit this form electronically, an email will be issued to the applicant listing payment options (unless automatic credit card payment has been previously arranged with Council).

Credit Card payments attract a surcharge of 0.45%. Payment MUST be received within 24 hours of receiving the email. Applications will not be processed until payment has been made.
If you do not wish to pay by Credit Card, please use the printer friendly PDF.
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A1. Applicant


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A2. Land Description - only one Lot is applicable per 10.7 and Outstanding Requisition

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A3. Owners Details

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A6. Application is Hereby Made for:

Revenue Certificates

Development Certificates & Searches

Building & Environmental Health Certificates & Searches

For property access contact on

Administrative Fees

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NOTE All Applications will be emailed unless otherwise indicated.

Please be aware if you request multiple certificates processing times will vary and in most instances will not be issued together.

A7. Applicants Declaration

I declare that all the information in this application is true and correct.

I understand that if the information is incomplete the application may be delayed or rejected.
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The information above will be emailed to Tweed Shire Council
A copy will also be sent to the email address stated in the Applicant section of this form.