1.         Broad-leaved Red Ironbark
            Eucalyptus fibrosa

Mebbin State Forest

2.         i.          Rose Apple Coolamon
                        Syzygium moorei

            ii.          Spice Bush
                        Triunia youngiana

            iii.         Red Silky Oak
                        Stenocarpus salignus

Tunnel Road, Stokers Siding

3.         Norfolk Island Pine
            Araucaria hererophylla

Cnr Oyster Point Road and Anthony Avenue, Banora Point

4.         Onion Wood
            Owenia cepiodora

Mebbin State Forest

5.         Weeping Fig
            Ficus benjamina

Terranora Road, Figtree Road

6.         Red Bean
            Dysoxylum Muelleri

Mebbin State Forest

7.         Endiandra Sp.

Edge of Tomewin Road approximately 12 kilometres from Murwillumbah

8.         Mark’s Cassia
            Cassia marksiana

Cnr Adcocks and Smiths Creek Roads, 200 metres north of Adcocks Road & Smiths Creek Road Dip

9.         Date Palm

Opposite Cudgen Post Office

10.        Weeping Fig
            Ficus benjamina

Northern side of Cudgen Road, Cudgen Village

11.        Norfolk Island Pine
            Araucaria hererophylla

Collier Street, Cudgen Village

12.        Morton Bay Fig
            Ficus sp

Tierney Park, Banora Point

13.        Marks Cassia
            Cassia marksiana

Murwillumbah Golf Course

14.        White Hazelwood
            Symplocos stawellii

Murwillumbah Golf Course

15.        Fine Leaved Tuckeroo
            Lepiderema pulchella

Righthand Side Carool Road, 2 kilometres from Bilambil

16.        i.          Yellow Carabeen
                        Sloanea woolsii

            ii.          Duroby
                        Syzygium moorei

            iii.         Cudgerie
                        Flindersia schottiana

            iv.         Red Apple
                        Acemera brachyandra

            v.         Blue Quondong
                        Elaeocarpus excelsa

            vi.         Red Ash
                        Alphitonia excelsa

            vii.        Flooded Gum
                        Eucalyptus grandis

            viii.       Brush Box
                        Lophostemon confertus

Corridor, south of Adcocks Road on Smiths Creek Road

17.        White Fig
            Ficus virens

Cnr Pacific Highway and Clothiers Creek Road, Condong

18.        Coolamon
            Syzygium moorei

131 Byangum Road, Cnr Barnby Street and Byangum Road, Murwillumbah

19.        Hoop Pine
            Araucaria cunninghamii

Lot 3 DP 561608, Eviron

20.        Stinking Cryptocaria
            Cryptocaria foetida

48 Lagoon Road, Fingal

21.        i.          Small Leaved Tamarind
                        Diploglottis campbelli

            ii.          Native Tamarind
                        Diploglottis australis

            iii.         Black Bean
                        Castanospermum australe

            iv.         Silky Oak
                        Grevillea robusta

            v.         White Cedar
                        Melia azedarach

            vi.         Rosewood
                        Dysoxylum fraserianum

            vii.        Twin Leaved Coogera
                        Arytera distylis

Tyalgum Road, Eungella