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Application Form - Schools/Government Agencies

Sports Events on Council Administered Land

  • Licenced clubs must be contacted prior to the submission of the application form to be advised of usage and to ensure there is no conflict of use and for access to facilities. Refer to Community Directory on Council's website
  • Tentative bookings can be made and will hold for (1) one week to submit an application form.
  • Applications can take up to (10) ten working days to process and must be submitted a minimum of (10) ten working days prior to use.
  • No license renders the organisation's public liability insurance null and void.
  • No back up bookings can be made. If your event is cancelled due to weather, please call Council on 02 6670 2615 for an alternative booking.
  • One event per application. If you are applying for several events, please provide an application form per event.
  • Only one application for Interschool carnival and regional events. Schools to liaise with each other and nominate one applicant. The applicant will receive the license and is responsible to provide a copy to all schools involved.
  • Check Council's website for Sports Field Closures prior to your
  • Ensure that a copy of your licence is available on the day if requested by a Council officer.
  • Turf Wickets incur are preparation fee. Refer to Council's website for fees and charges.
* Required Field

A1. Applicant

School or Organisation *
On Behalf of
Contact Name *
Postal Address *
Suburb State Post Code
Telephone * Mobile
Facsimile Email *

A2. Event Information

Event/Activity Information
e.g. School Play, Regular School Sport etc.
No of Participants No of Spectators

Day/s Required


A3. Other Information

  I have contacted the relevant licenced sports club(s) to ensure that there is no conflict of use and for access to facilities *

Name of Club/s and Contact Person *
Will toilets be required?
If toilets are locked (not public), have arrangements been made with Sports Clubs to gain access? Detail who and executive position. Council will not open toilets unless licensee instructs to do so.
Will food or beverages be sold? Please provide details
What noise impacts are expected?
Detail source of noise, times etc. loud speakers, generators etc.
Proposed litter management
How will parking be provided and managed?
Additional Information

Once you submit this application, you will receive a return email to the address provided above to confirm that we have received your request.