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Rates and Charges Arrangement Application - Tweed Shire Council

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To enter into an arrangement for payment of your rates and charges please complete the following form and submit to Council.

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If Direct Debit then a Direct Debit Application Form (71kB PDF) will need to be completed

  Terms of Agreement  
Council appreciates that some ratepayers, due to unforseen circumstances, cannot pay the rates and charges by the due dates on their rate notice and will accept agreements to pay the account as per the following terms:
  1. Daily interest will be charged on all overdue rates and charges regardless of any payment arrangement
  2. Payments are not to be missed or decreased without Councils prior agreement. Failure to maintain Councils agreement could result in immediate legal action being taken to recover the Debt
  3. Council will only reply to you if the proposed amount requires further negotiation
  4. All agreements will be subject to periodic review by Council