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Community Access is the public's opportunity to informally address Councillors on items for consideration of Council.

Community Access sessions will be incorporated into both the Planning Committee and Council Meeting format, it is proposed that these sessions will be conducted on the first Thursday (Planning) and third Thursday (Council and Other) of the month from 4.30pm until 5.15pm. For location information and maps to the Murwillumbah Civic Centre see Contact Us.

Future Community Access Dates

A Community Access Session will be convened prior to Planning Committee meetings at 4.30pm until 5.15pm to enable the community to discuss items on the Planning Committee agenda.

A Community Access Session will be convened prior to Council Meetings at 4.30pm until 5.15pm to enable the community to discuss pertinent matters other than Planning matters, with the exception of Planning matters that have been deferred for consideration at the Council meeting.

Planning Committee
4 July 2019 - Murwillumbah
1 August 2019 - Tweed Heads 
5 September 2019 - Murwillumbah 

3 October 2019 - Tweed Heads 

7 November 2019 - Murwillumbah 
5 December 2019 - Tweed Heads 

6 February 2020 - Murwillumbah 
5 March 2020 - Tweed Heads 
2 April 2020 - Murwillumbah 
7 May 2020 - Tweed Heads 
4 June 2020 - Murwillumbah 
2 July 2020 - Tweed Heads
6 August 2020 - Murwillumbah 
3 September 2020 - Tweed Heads
No Council Meeting on 18 July 2019
15 August 2019 - Tweed Heads
19 September 2019 - Murwillumbah
Including an Extraordinary Meeting for the election of the Deputy Mayor.
24 October 2019 - Tweed Heads
to allow consideration of the Annual Financial Statements.
21 November 2019 - Murwillumbah
11 December 2019 - Tweed Heads
Given proximity to Christmas Period.
20 February 2020 - Murwillumbah
19 March 2020 - Tweed Heads
16 April 2020 - Murwillumbah
16 May 2020 - Tweed Heads
18 June 2020 - Murwillumbah
No Council Meeting on 16 July 2020.
20 August 2020 - Murwillumbah
Local Government Elections 12 September 2020.

Community Access Procedure

  1. Community Access is the public's opportunity to informally address Councillors on items for consideration of Council.
  2. People who have been deemed a Difficult Person in accordance with one of the categories as defined in Council's Managing Unreasonable Conduct Policy may be excluded from being eligible to address Council during Community Access.
  3. A Community Access session will be held at the venue of the appropriate Planning Committee or Council Meeting.
  4. The Procedure for the Community Access session will be as follows:

    1. To make an appointment please contact Council on (02) 6670 2400. A time will be allocated for you to address Council. You will need to provide a basic outline of the matter you wish to raise in Community Access and you are invited to leave a contact telephone number and address should Councillors wish to follow matters through with you.
    2. Where the requests from an individual or group relates to a matter of complexity and community sensitivity the General Manager shall determine if the presentation would be better dealt with at a Workshop instead of Community Access.
    3. It is unacceptable for people in their address to Council or in their responses to questions to make allegations that any resident, member of Council staff, Councillor or other person has acted improperly with regard to their duties or obligations, or has acted in a way that would be unlawful.
    4. It is unacceptable for people in their address to Council or in their responses to questions to make demeaning comments.
    5. Any complaints or allegations regarding the conduct of Councillors, management and staff must be in writing and directed to the General Manager.
    6. Each speaker is allowed five (5) minutes to address Community Access. Additional presentation time may be approved by the General Manager at the time of booking, by request.
    7. Where a deputation is making a presentation a spokesperson is to be nominated to present the deputation and to address the Community Access meeting.
    8. At the end of five (5) minutes you will hear an electronic beeper. You will have to stop speaking. The Chairperson will ask if Councillors are prepared to extend your allowed time (to a maximum of a further two minutes) and a vote will be taken
    9. At the conclusion of your address Councillors will be invited to ask questions relating to that address. You may answer such questions but are unable to ask questions of Councillors and/or staff yourself. A summary or comment may be provided by the Chairperson, General Manager or senior staff, as appropriate.
    10. The Community Access session is not a Council Meeting, thus no decisions can be made.
    11. The Community Access session does not provide any protection from civil action arising from allegations or any libellous comments.

What you need to know/bring

Presentation of Written Material: You may ask the Public Officer to distribute any materials such as written statements, drawings or photographs. If you wish to distribute such materials to each Councillor you will need to provide seven (7) copies and if you wish to include senior staff and the Public Officer in the distribution you will need to provide six (6) additional copies.

Electronic Information: Any person who wishes to make an electronic presentation should ensure that the presentation is provided via a USB (pen) drive, CD or DVD and is delivered to the Murwillumbah office or emailed to Council's Corporate Governance staff member (please contact us for the email address phone (02) 6670 2540) by 3.00pm on the Wednesday preceding the Thursday Community Submissions session. Staff can then ensure that the presentation is compatible with Council's software (as listed on the last page of this information sheet) and that it is loaded to the Council Chamber computer desktop for easy retrieval. Computers, Data Projectors and remote controls are available in the Council Chamber, however technical staff do not attend these meetings. Speakers are also advised that personnel and meeting room resources are not always available beforehand to provide a rehearsal of presentations.

The Council Chamber computers provide a range of software that can be accessed by a standard user from the Start Menu –> Programs menu.

The installed software includes:

  • Microsoft Office 2007 (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Picture Manager)
  • Outlook
  • Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Autodesk Design Review 2009
  • Adobe Reader 8.0
  • CamStudio
  • Audacity
  • ER Viewer
  • Hypersnap
  • Intervideo WinDVD
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