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Every day, businesses send valuable materials to landfill.

NSW businesses send more than 2.5 million tonnes of business waste to landfill each year.

On average, more than 70 per cent of materials in a general waste bin can be reused or recycled through either the yellow lid recycling bin or other recycling collections.

Food, cardboard boxes, longlife milk and juice cartons, paper, all plastic bottles, plastic containers and their lids, glass bottles, steel and aluminium cans, larger metal items, timber, electrical waste and food can all be redirected to other collections for recycling, re-use or composting.

Tweed Shire Council assists businesses by providing the advice and tools needed to effectively separate waste on site, divert waste from landfill, and save money on waste disposal services. Council is also part of North East Waste who run a dedicated Business Waste Reduction Program that businesses can join for free and receive further assistance.

If you are already recycling and would like to calculate what environmental benefits your business currently achieves, check out this online calculator.

Waste Warriors Business Waste Program

Waste Warriors is a project designed to help local Tweed businesses reduce their impact on the environment. The program also offers a free waste saver service that identifies ways your business can save money on waste removal and servicing.

If you would like some FREE assistance to reduce your waste and recycle more, register here for your FREE waste assessment, and one of the business support team will call to arrange a suitable time to meet. All it takes is 20 minutes and someone to want to make a difference!

Businesses who participate are provided with a detailed report full of waste saving ideas, they will also receive bin signage stickers and green promotional branding tools.

Check out other businesses who are part of the program here.

I'd like to give it a go myself - where do I start?

Use the information below to work out what your current costs and services are, and how you might be able to introduce a better waste management system through the introduction of a recycling or garden waste service and possible reduction in the size of your garbage service. If you require assistance, please contact Council’s Waste Unit by phone on (02) 6670 2400 or by email at

What’s available to me?

Council offers wheelie bin services in a range of sizes for businesses. Other companies also offer a range of wheelie bins, cages, bags or skip bin services.

In general:

  • Recycling services – comingled means they take paper, cardboard, metal tins / cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles / containers in the one bin.
  • Paper only recycling services – for clean paper and cardboard only (not available through Council)
  • Greenwaste services – garden prunings / lawn clippings
  • Garbage services – items that need to be sent to landfill

For a better explanation on what items are accepted through Council services, please download the Multi-bin System Brochure (727kB PDF).

I have a bulk bin – what does this equal in wheelie bins if I was to downsize and introduce recycling services?

Bulk bin size EQUIVALENT to this many
360 L Recycling bins
EQUIVALENT to this many
240 L Recycling or Garbage bins

1 (0.76 cubic metres or 760 L) 2 3
2 (1.52 cubic metres or 1520 L) 4 6
3 (2.28 cubic metres or 2280 L) 6 9
4 (3.04 cubic metres or 3040 L) 8 12

Have a look at what you currently pay per week or per year for your waste services and how full your services are every week. Also take note of what is going into your bulk bin – is the majority items that could have been recycled through a cheaper service? You may be able to downsize your bulk bin (in which everything goes to landfill) and introduce a recycling wheelie bin. See Council’s Fees and Charges (Activity 84 - Waste and Recycling Service Charges items (9) to (12)) for current wheelie bin service prices.

What size wheelie bins are available and how often are they collected?

  • Recycling – 240 L or 360 L collected fortnightly (weekly can be arranged in some areas), please phone Council on (02) 6670 2400 or email Council's Waste Unit
  • Green Waste – 240 L collected fortnightly
  • Garbage – 80 L, 140 L and 240 L collected weekly

Is there help available? YES!

  1. Register with the Waste Warriors Program and receive the Waste Warriors e-toolkit containing waste pricing and services available in your local area, factsheets based on your business type, bin signage, and much more. You can even receive free business promotion and win prizes. There is no obligation and anyone in the business can do it.

  2. Download signage to display at your workplace and information to assist with education of staff or give us a call to request a training session for your staff.

    Tips on recycling and a short video showing how your recycling is sorted can be accessed below.
    How Your Recycling is Sorted (12mB MP4)
    Steel and Aluminium Poster (1.2mB PDF)
    Glass Bottles and Jars Poster (1.04mB PDF)
    Green Waste Brochure (825kB PDF)
    Paper and Cardboard Poster (1.37mB PDF)
    No Plastic Bags in Recyclables Poster (1.1mB PDF)
    Red Bin Garbage Poster (735kB PDF)
    If You Can Scrunch It Poster (1.45mB PDF)
    Yellow Bin Recycling Poster (676kB PDF)
    Alumininium Recycling Video (9.04mB MPG)
    Glass Recycling Video (9.06mB MPG)
    Paper Recycling Video (9.05mB MPG)
    Plastic Recycling Video (10.69mB MPG)
  3. Have a look through the case studies provided below and find out what other businesses have done to improve their waste management. If you have a story of your own business – please let us know by sending your case study to

Cabarita Business Project – Case Studies

Between March-May 2013, Council conducted a small business project in Cabarita to help improve recycling and waste diversion in the town and form a model to deliver in other business areas across the Tweed.

The project revealed that businesses in the area were keen to reap the benefits of smart waste management. Many businesses were found to be recycling and using good environmental performance to their advantage, whilst those who were not, were keen to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and save money on waste collection.

To many businesses, switching to recycling meant cutting costs in waste collection, enhancing their reputation as a sustainable business and benefiting from the satisfaction that they were doing their bit for our environment both at home and at work.

Cabarita Meats - Butcher (363kB PDF)
Marty's @ Caba - Restaurant (430kB PDF)
Tamarind Sands – Holiday Accommodation (603kB PDF)

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