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What do I do when the work is completed?

You will need to contact Council to arrange a final inspection prior to occupying the building. Once a satisfactory final inspection has been carried out you must obtain an Interim or Final Occupation Certificate prior to occupying the building. It should be noted that it is an offence to occupy a building without an occupation certificate.
Final Occupation Certificates List (524kB PDF) Final Occupation Certificate Letter (28kB PDF)

Interim Occupation Certificate

An Interim Occupation Certificate can be issued if the building is fit for occupation but there are still outstanding matters to be addressed. These matters must be addressed within 6 months of the date of occupation of the building and then application for a Final Occupation Certificate must be made to Council on the prescribed form.

Final Occupation Certificate

A Final Occupation Certificate is issued by the PCA and certifies that:
  • Council has been appointed as the principal certifying authority under s109E.
  • A Complying Development Certificate has been issued with respect to the plans and specifications for the building.
  • The building is suitable for occupation or use in accordance with its classification under the Building Code of Australia.
  • Where required, a final fire safety certificate has been issued for the building.
  • Where required, a report from the Commissioner of Fire Brigades has been considered.
It should be noted that an Occupation Certificate is a lawful requirement in the conveyancing process when a property is sold and is therefore essential that you follow the above process.
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