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Email Link   Construction Certificate Stage 2 - Prior to Issue of Construction Certificate

If applicable to your application, the following items are required prior to issue of a Construction Certificate. You can submit the information at any time prior to determination to prevent delay in the issuing of your approval.

Builder's Details

Council requires the builder’s name, address and NSW licence number for all residential work exceeding $5,000.

Home Owner's Warranty Insurance

All residential work exceeding $20,000 which is undertaken by a licensed builder (does not include an owner builder) requires a Certificate of Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance in accordance with Part 6 of the Home Building Act 1989. Council requires a copy of this insurance. Certificates must show the correct property details to which the Certificate relates and identify all work covered under the building contract eg Dwelling and Swimming Pool.

Owner Builder Permit

Should the owner choose to complete the work as an owner/builder, an owner/builder permit is to be obtained from NSW Fair Trading and a copy submitted to Council for all residential building work exceeding $10,000. Permits must show the correct property details and Council application number to which the permit relates. This application number is provided on lodgement of the CDC.

If the work exceeds $20,000, an owner/builder will be required to complete a course prior to obtaining the permit. To determine whether you require an owner/builder permit, your eligibility and which application form you need to use, visit the Fair Trading Website Owner/builder Self Assessment Tool Page.

For further details visit your local Service NSW office, 13-17 Rivendell Drive, Tweed Heads South, phone 13 77 88 or visit their website

Long Service Levy

The NSW Government has put a levy on all building and construction work valued at $25,000 or more (inclusive of GST). The levy rate is 0.35% of the total cost of the work as determined by the consent/certifying authority. The building applicant or the person for whom the work is being done is liable to pay the levy.

Council is an agent for the collection of long service levy payments and you are encouraged to pay the levy when lodging your Construction Certificate. If paying direct to the Long Service Payments Corporation, Council will require proof of payment.

If you are an owner-builder, non profit organisation or church you may be eligible for a partial exemption of up to 50% of the levy payable. The exemption is calculated on the content of voluntary labour performed. An exemption should be applied for prior to lodging a Construction Certificate and a copy of the exemption certificate submitted with your application to Council. Alternatively, you can pay the long service levy in full and apply to the Long Service Payments Corporation for the exemption and a refund of the exempt portion of the levy, within 3 months of the payment. You will require proof of payment for any refund.

For further information please call the Helpline on 13 1441 or visit

Section 94 Contributions

Contributions under section 94 or 94A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 may be levied by local government Councils in NSW as contributions for infrastructure and facilities, other than water supply and sewerage, required to service development.

See Plans, Policies and Controls for further information on Section 94 developer contributions.

Section 64 Developer Charges

Please see Developer Charges - Water and Wastewater for further information.

Compliance with any Prior to Issue of Construction Certificate Conditions

Check the Development Consent.
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