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Impounding of Abandoned Vehicles

The abandonment of a vehicle is an offence under the Impounding Act. When a vehicle is left abandoned for an extended period of time on any public road or other Council property, Council will advise the last registered owner by a formal 'Notice of Intention to Impound', that they are required to contact the Compliance Section of Council within the given period, or remove vehicle. The Notice will advise of the penalties applicable for non-compliance with the Notice and a date to which the vehicle must be removed.

If the last registered owner fails to contact Council within the specified period the vehicle will be deemed at law to be abandoned and will be impounded and held for 28 days or destroyed.

After Council has made all enquiries required under the Impounding Act 1993, Division 4 (18) of the Act allows vehicles that are determined to be worth less than $500 be destroyed upon impounding.

Vehicles determined to be worth $500 or more will be taken to a holding yard where they will accrue daily holding charges. For these vehicles to be released to the last registered owner, this person must provide to Council proof of identity, proof of ownership and pay any impounding costs as determined by Council. If a vehicle that is deemed to be the value of $500 or more is not claimed by the last registered owner within 28 days of being impounded, the vehicle will be sold by auction through the Lismore Tender Centre to recover the costs incurred by Council. The net proceeds of the sale of the vehicle will be held by Council and may be claimed within 12 months by the last registered owner upon providing the relevant proofs.

To report an abandoned vehicle contact Contact Us and provide details of the location of the car, make of the car, colour and registration number. Alternatively you can Report a Problem online.

Council officers make all reasonable inquiries in an effort to find out the name and address of the owner of a motor vehicle before the officer impounds the vehicle. A motor vehicle may be impounded immediately (without following the procedures in this section) if the vehicle is in a public place and the impounding officer is satisfied on reasonable grounds that its immediate removal is justified because it is causing an obstruction to traffic (vehicular or pedestrian) or is or is likely to be a danger to the public.

For further information please contact Council’s Compliance Section on (02) 6670 2400.

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