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Hundreds of thousands of customers every day in shops and shopping centres throughout NSW make use of shopping trolleys. Retailers who provide shopping trolleys for their customers have many millions of dollars invested in the provision of trolley services, in maintenance, replacement and upgrading of trolleys.

Unfortunately, some irresponsible people leave shopping trolleys unattended in streets and public places, at which point they may be at risk of injuring passers-by or damaging motor vehicles or other property. Shopping trolleys may also have an environmental impact when they enter drains and waterways or otherwise interfere with the provision of public services.

As a general principle, it is preferable that trolleys remain on the premises which own them. This should be the primary motivation for trolley management policies and programs. It is acknowledged however that whatever system is in place, trolley removal and abandonment will occur to varying degrees.

Trolley Tracker is a service that receives reports of abandoned shopping trolleys, collects and returns the trolleys back to stores. A prize is offered each month, drawn from the names of people who lodge reports to Trolley Tracker.

To report an abandoned shopping trolley in streets or public areas, contact Trolley Trackers on 1800 641 497 (freecall), email or enter details directly onto the Trolley Tracker Website. This is for major stores such as Woolworths, Big W, Dan Murphy's, and IGA.

Trolley Tracker works with NSW Councils and major stores such as Woolworths, Big W, Dan Murphy's and IGA. The scheme operates under a Code of Practice, developed by the Australian Retail Traders Association with the NSW Local Government and Shires Association and the NSW Department of Local Government.

For Coles Supermarkets there is a 'Report an abandoned trolley' function on the Coles Supermarket App. or go to or if you prefer please call 1800 876 553 (1800trolley).

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