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Council provides three ways for customers to receive their notices electronically.


Sign up to receive your Rates notices via email by filling in the eNotices Online Application Form.

BPAY View®

BPAY View logo
Ratepayers can register to view and pay their Rate or Water notices online using BPAY View® via your internet banking site. You will need your rate or water notice to register.

Please note: You will not receive a hard copy notice once registered to receive online notices.

BPAY View® extends the facilities of BPAY by giving you the capability to view your notice online at your bank's website.

How do I register?

If you are using internet banking or you already pay your Rate or Water notice by BPAY and you would like to view your rate or water notice online, then all you need to do is to register BPAY View® for Tweed Shire Council at your participating bank's website.

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MyPost Digital Mailbox

Tweed Shire Council property owners can now receive and pay their rates and water notices digitally thanks to a new partnership with Australia Post. MyPost Digital Mailbox is a handy online tool providing convenience, security and peace of mind when managing your bills online.

The service is free, easy to use and is available from any web-connected device including laptops, tablets and smartphones. All you need is an email account to register.

Currently only your Council rates and water notices will be sent to the Digital Mailbox. Other mail from Council may be sent to the Digital Mailbox in the future.


To register for a MyPost Digital Mailbox, customers will need to visit MyPost Digital Mailbox and follow these easy steps:

MyPost Digital Mailbox

  • Click the “Sign up” button
  • Enter the applicable details and click submit
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the nominated email account
  • Click the “Confirm Email” button

You will need the following information from the rates and/or water notices:

  • Your property number
  • Your first name as printed on your bill
  • Your last name as printed on your bill
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile number

MyPost Digital Mailbox will notify you of your successful registration to the email address provided.

Receiving the Online Notice

Once registered, you will receive the next rates and/or water notice online via your Digital Mailbox. You will no longer receive paper bills from Council.

Viewing the Online Notice

You can login to your Digital Mailbox from any web-enabled device including laptops, tablets and smartphones. The electronic copy of the rates and/or water notices:

  • Will look exactly the same as the printed version
  • Will be in a PDF format
  • Can be printed or downloaded as required
  • Will remain in your Digital Mailbox.

Paying the Notice

MyPost Digital Mailbox

You can pay the bill using any of the payment methods detailed on the rates and water notices.

As the due date for payment of the account approaches, customers will receive a notification in the Digital Mailbox and can request notifications be sent to their email address also if they wish to.

Payments received directly to Tweed Shire Council or made other than via your digital mailbox are not shared with Australia Post. Therefore it is important that when the rates and/or water notice is received in the digital mailbox (e.g. if it is paid by Direct Debit) to mark it as paid at the time of its receipt. Otherwise, a notification will be sent as the due date approaches.

Rates and water notices sent via MyPost Digital Mailbox will be deemed to have been delivered, presented, received and viewed by the customer once they have been received in their digital mailbox. Customers are responsible for ensuring that mail sent to their digital mailbox is read and acted upon as required.

Cancelling Digital Mailbox

If the customer wishes to cancel or is unable to access their Digital Mailbox on a regular basis or for an extended period of time must:

  • Visit their Digital Mailbox and select the 'Stop Mail' button
  • Phone Council on 1300 292 872

More Information

For help with registration, login details or other enquiries, visit the website or phone the Australia Post Contact Centre on 13 62 45.

Last Updated: 03 August 2017