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For questions in relation to advertising in the Tweed Link, see Advertising.

When was the first Tweed Link printed?
Tuesday, 12 November 1996

What paper stock is it printed on?
100% recycled stock.

Is it printed in the Tweed by a local business?
Yes, our print contract is with a local Tweed business.

Why is it printed 49 weeks of the year?
We need a break too, so we do our best to keep our community informed throughout the year and to meet our obligations for our statutory advertising, however we have a three-week break over the Christmas/New Year break.

Who distributes/delivers the Tweed Link?
Australia Post.

I have a no-junk mail sign, why do I still get the Tweed Link?
The Tweed Link is delivered through an ‘Unaddressed Mail’ (UAM) with Australia Post and as a government organisation delivering a community service it is not considered junk mail. The delivery contract is to deliver to every household in the Tweed and to deliver to relevant PO Boxes.

I have a PO Box and want to get the Tweed Link delivered to the PO Box?
Please visit the About the Tweed Link page and go to the Delivery/Distribution section to complete the online form. Please note, we are unable to stop delivery of the Tweed Link to individual mail boxes, even if you have a copy delivered to your PO Box.

Why is there a Tweed Link Policy and what does it do?
The Tweed Link Policy outlines Council's commitment to informing the community and sets guidelines for what can and cannot feature in the Tweed Link in both editorial and advertising.

I am not receiving the Tweed Link, what do I do?
If you are not receiving your free weekly issue of the Tweed Link, please visit the About the Tweed Link page and go to the Delivery/Distribution section to complete the online form or contact Council on (02) 6670 2400 and we will prompt you for the same questions. Your details will be taken in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will be passed on to Australia Post to assist them rectify any delivery issues.

I do not want to receive the Tweed Link, what do I do?
Unfortunately Australia Post cannot cancel delivery to individual households. The Tweed Link is considered a community service provision to inform Tweed residents about happenings in the area.

Last Updated: 21 June 2017