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Tweed Link Issues The Tweed Link is Tweed Shire Council’s weekly newspaper and has been keeping the community informed for more than 20 years.


Format: 4-6 pages, A4 black and white print on 100% recycled stock using soy-based inks, available in full colour online.
Circulation: 42,500 – reaches the majority of the Tweed’s 90,000 residents
ISSN: 1327-8630
Published: Weekly
Delivery: By Australia Post - Tuesday or Wednesday depending on suburb. Direct to all Tweed households (42,500) and PO Boxes through Australia Post and available via electronic subscription.
Cost: FREE to Tweed households and e-subscriptions
Readership: 80 per cent of residents - an estimated 72,000 people - read the Tweed Link weekly.*

* Based on an independent telephone survey conducted in 2010.


The Tweed Link is a cost effective way to get your message delivered directly to over 40,000 households and subscribers with more than 80 per cent readership. The Tweed has a population in excess of 90,000 with various weekly papers. The Tweed Link offers the benefit of being delivered free to over 40,000 households and is well established in the community as the place to go for all Council related news.

Certain groups such as not-for-profit and state and commonwealth departments are eligible to advertise in the Tweed Link however Council does not take advertising from commercial businesses or individuals. Please check the Tweed Link Policy for more information on advertising in the Tweed Link. For more information on the cost of advertising in the Tweed Link or deadlines please click on one of the links to the right.


The Tweed Link Policy (61kB PDF) outlines Council's commitment to informing the community and sets guidelines for what can and cannot feature in the Tweed Link.


Australia Post delivers the Tweed Link to more than 42,500 household mailboxes and post office boxes throughout the Tweed.

Delivery to individual addresses cannot be cancelled as the Tweed Link is delivered as an ‘unaddressed mail’ contract with Australia Post, which means they are required to deliver to every household.

If you are not receiving your free weekly issue of the Tweed Link, please complete this form or contact Council on (02) 6670 2400 and we will prompt you for the same questions. Your details will be taken in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will be passed on to Australia Post to assist them rectify any delivery issues.


Many ratepayers and people who work in the Tweed live outside the Tweed Shire.

A free electronic email subscription service is available to receive the Tweed Link in full colour and direct to your email inbox every Tuesday morning. Please note, if you subscribe to the Tweed Link online, you will still receive the hard copy version in the mail. Unfortunately we cannot cancel delivery to individual households through our contract with Australia Post.

Visual Timeline

Check out the Tweed Link over the years.


2010/11 – Government Communication Awards – Best Publication Award
The Tweed Link received this national award from Government Communications Australia in April 2011.

2010/11 – RH Dougherty Award – Reporting to your Community
The Tweed Link received this state award from the Local Government and Shires Association NSW in August 2011.

How does it work and what does it cost

The Tweed Link operates like a commercial newspaper. The Communications Unit has a budget which covers printing and distribution, with these costs offset by internal and external advertising.

The net cost of the Tweed Link is just 0.1 per cent of Council’s annual budget, or less than $6 per household annually.


The Editor
Tweed Link PO Box 816, Murwillumbah NSW 2484
p: (02) 6670 2400

Last Updated: 21 June 2017