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With more than 60 per cent of the state in drought and having just seen one of the driest Februaries on record, being water-wise in your home has never been more important.

As the name suggests, the aim of Target 170 is to reduce the individual daily water use to 170 litres per person per day by the end of 2016 and then to 160 litres by 2020.

Given the success of Target 180 in 2013, Council is confident that Target 170 is within reach. However, achieving this target will require further changes in the way water is used in and around the home. Reducing your household’s daily water use by 10 litres can be as simple as reducing your combined shower time by one minute

Target 180 achieved in 2013

The hard work has paid off for households, with Council announcing that Target 180 was achieved in 2013. Tweed residents were using 179 litres of water per person per day by the end of the year. To put this achievement into context, ten years ago the average resident was using 230L of water every day, that's a reduction of more than 50L per day.

1. First, use your water bill to enter the meter read dates

Start Date    Finish Date

2. Next, enter your water consumption for that period (in litres)


3. Finally, how many people live in your house?



Last Updated: 10 December 2014