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Public Open Space

Council manages an extensive public open space network which includes beaches, parks and other public places. This network provides opportunities for a wide range of recreational activities, thereby making a significant contribution to the physical and social wellbeing of the Tweed community.

These activities traditionally centred on children’s playgrounds, kick-about spaces, barbecue and picnic facilities, walking, cycling, and jogging. Sports fields traditionally catered for club-based sporting competitions.

Contemporary society has developed more recreational pursuits, including:

  • Personal fitness trainers
  • Commercial wedding planners
  • Open-air venues for family and corporate celebrations
  • Commercial sports competitions or coaching programs

As a consequence, Council is experiencing demand for a wide range of additional activities on public open space, including commercial fitness training such as boot camps, commercially arranged weddings, surf schools, eco and fishing tours, commercially operated markets, circuses.

Commercial Recreation Activities on Public Open Space Policy

The policy will be implemented in July 2018 and applies to all public open space under the care, control or management of Council, including:

  • Crown Reserves under trusteeship or control of Council or under licence to Council
  • Council-owned community and operational land
  • Council roads

The Policy aims to:

  1. Determine the commercial recreation activities suitable for beaches, parks and other public places administered by Council and provide an effective, transparent, equitable and efficient framework for their management
  2. Ensure equitable and sustainable use of beaches, parks and other public places for the physical, social and cultural wellbeing of the Tweed community
  3. Ensure all activities on public open space are in keeping with the intended use of the space
  4. Protect the natural and physical assets of public open space in Tweed Shire
  5. Protect existing and proposed infrastructure on public open space
  6. Protect the safety of all users of public open space

Council may grant a licence for:

  • Organised fitness activities – personal trainers, sporting coaches, water-based activities on adjoining water bodies, cycling, and associated equipment hire
  • Outdoor tourist activities - e.g. eco-tours, fishing competitions
  • Other commercial recreation activities – established activities, such as a circus or music festival, which have identifiable community benefit and which require the use of an extensive area

Under the Policy, certain uses such as small-scale activities, passive recreation, tour groups stopping for lunch and training for not-for-profit organisations would not be required to obtain a licence.

The policy does not address commercial activities such as mobile food vending, footpath dining, kiosks or similar on public open space.

For further information please contact Council's Open Space Officer on (02) 6670 2400 or 1300 292 872.

Non Motorised Water Recreation Businesses

Council resolved on 9 April 2015 to adopt the Draft Policy for Non Motorised Water Recreation Businesses and the interpretation of the Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014 and the Tweed City Centre Local Environmental Plan 2012.

The draft Policy was publically exhibited 14 January 2015 - 11 February 2015.

What is the objective of the Policy?

The new policy explains when a non motorised water recreation business needs development consent from Council.

The areas it covers are:

  • The interpretation of development regarding non motorised water recreation businesses
  • Thresholds for triggering the need for development consent to be obtained for non motorised recreation businesses.

Need further information?

Contact Council's Development Assessment Unit on (02) 6670 2400 or 1300 292 872.

Last Updated: 25 January 2018