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Tweed Shire Councils Pest Management Program Area focuses on two main branches of pest control.
These are:
  • controlling nuisance insects
  • managing the impacts of invasive species that impact on biodiversity

Control of nuisance insects

Tweed Shire Council currently coordinates program for the control of nuisance mosquitoes, biting midge, and Pandanus Planthopper.
Mosquitoes (Culicidae) and biting midge (Ceratopogonidae), are abundant in this region of Australia. The extensive areas of wet low-land and intertidal areas along the Tweed coastal districts contain many suitable breeding sites for these insects. As a result of the proximity of these low-lands to urban areas, biting insect nuisance is likely to occur seasonally in many areas. Tweed Shire Council has been actively involved in nuisance insect control since 1983.
The nuisance insects section of this website currently has information on the following:

Managing Impacts of invasive animals

An invasive animal is a non-native animal that has either escaped or been released into the natural environment and has established a self-sustaining population that survives independently of humans.
Unfortunately, once invasive animals become established in the wild it is difficult to eradicate them. Despite many years of effort and huge financial expenditure, no established invasive animals have been removed from the mainland of Australia. Invasive animals have contributed to a dramatic decline in native animal populations and in the worse case scenarios even extinction.
The main invasive animals of concern in Tweed Shire include:These species have all had a major impact environmentally, socially or economically.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a swarm of bees on my property?
Council does not deal with bee swarms on private land. Contact Mr Victor Metcalf, Apiarist, Stokers Siding on 02 6677 9226. Victor can often collect the bees and does not charge.
If the bee swarm is on Council property please contact Council's Customer Services on 1300 292 872.
I have discovered fire ants on a property. Who should I report it to?
The Department of Primary Industries and they should contact 02 6672 2770 or hot line number 1800 88 251 on private property. If on Council property please contact Council's Customer Services on 1300 292 872
I have a problem with a person keeping bees?
The keeping of bees is the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture, Alstonville. Phone 02 6628 0604.
I am a tenant and I have a chronic pest problem, who can help me with this?
You will require the assistance of a licenced Pest Controller.  This is a civil matter between you as the tenant and  the property owner. 
In the first instance you should report this to your landlord or Managing agent.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome of that discussion you may take it further by contacting the Department of Fair Trading.
Service NSW is now open in Tweed Heads offering access to the following Government Departments:
Motor Registry , Fair Trading and Births, Deaths and Marriages. 
Located at;
13-17 Rivendell Drive
Tweed Heads South.
The centre is open from 7am-7pm Monday to Friday and from 9am-3pm on Saturday.
Alternatively a 24 hour a day contact number is 13 77 88 or visit
Last Updated: 07 December 2017