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Did you know
Area of the Tweed's water catchment:565 km2
Capacity of Clarrie Hall Dam:15,000 ML
Drinking water treated annually in the Tweed: 8700 ML
Water meters in the Tweed:25,500
Length of water mains in the Tweed: 716 km
Sewerage collected and treated annually:8100 ML
Wastewater recycled and re-used annually:550 ML
Value of water and wastewater assets in the Tweed:$1.383 billion
Water pump stations:27
Wastewater pump stations 185

Tweed Shire Council is responsible for delivering safe and reliable water and wastewater services to the residents and businesses of the Tweed. In providing these services, Council aims to:

  • Meet health and environmental requirements
  • Manage sustainability of the Tweed’s precious water resources
  • Plan, design, construct, operate and maintain water and wastewater supply systems
  • Build on water and wastewater capacity to meet future demand
  • Meet community expectations

This section provides water and wastewater information for property owners and residents in the Tweed. This includes available rebates, billing and charges, connecting and disconnecting from services and the latest service interruption information.

My Responsibilities

Both Council and property owners have responsibilities for the continuous operation and maintenance of water and wastewater supply systems.

The following is provided as a guide.

Property owners are responsible for:

All internal pipes and fittings that fall within their property boundary, including rainwater tanks and internal sewer drainage.

Ensuring that water meters are clear of plants, insects, soil etc.

Council is not responsible for unblocking your drains. However, because of the potential risk to health posed by a sewer blockage or other wastewater issues, you should call Council first as they will be able to advice you if you need to contact your local plumber.

Ensuring any easement on their property or near their property is accessible to Council at all times. See Easements and Building Adjacent to Sewers.

Understanding the relevant Offences and Penalties relating to water and wastewater, including what can and cannot be discharged into the wastewater system. See Liquid Trade Waste.

Council is responsible for:

All water supply infrastructure up to and including your water meter (eg water treatment plants, water mains etc)

All wastewater infrastructure downstream from the sewer inspection shaft (shown left) on private properties (eg treatment plants, manholes, sewage mains etc)

Managing all connections and disconnections to water and wastewater services.

Water Matters

Water News

Stay up to date with the latest water and wastewater news by reading the weekly Tweed Link , which is delivered to your mailbox every week.

Another publication focusing on water and wastewater issues is Water Matters, which is delivered with your Water Notice. The most recent issue explains our Target 170 campaign.

Issue 10 Water Matters (April 2016) (2.79mB PDF)

Issue 9 Water Matters (Nov 2015) (2.37mB PDF) Issue 9 Water Matters (Nov 2015) (2.37mB PDF) Issue 9 Water Matters (Nov 2015) (2.37mB PDF)

Issue 8 Water Matters (Oct 2015) (2.92mB PDF) Issue 8 Water Matters (Oct 2015) (2.92mB PDF) Issue 8 Water Matters (Oct 2015) (2.92mB PDF)

Issue 7 Water Matters (July 2015) (2.94mB PDF)

Issue 6 Water Matters (Oct - Dec 2014) (1.74mB PDF)

Issue 5 Water Matters (Jul - Sep 2014) Residential and Bulk Water Customers (778kB PDF)

Issue 5 Water Matters (Jul - Sep 2014) Residential Category 2 (435kB PDF)

Issue 5 Water Matters (Jul - Sep 2014) Non Residential (434kB PDF)

Issue 4 Water Matters (Jun 2014) (3.23mB PDF)

Issue 3 Water Matters (Dec 2013) (1.11mB PDF)

Did you know you can also subscribe to receive information about water and wastewater projects in the Tweed? Simply send us an email at and request to be added to the Water Unit Interested Parties Register.

Last Updated: 28 June 2016