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Tweed Shire Council is actively involved in koala and koala habitat conservation initiatives. Through active community and stakeholder partnerships, Council is implementing programs that aim to protect koalas and improve their habitat.

The Tweed Coast koala population has been severely affected by habitat loss, dogs, fire and vehicles. Initiatives including the Tweed Coast Koala Habitat Study, Tweed Coast Plan of Management and Koala Connections all aim to address threats and improve habitat for the future of koalas on the Tweed Coast.

Tweed Byron Koala Connections Forum 2016

Koala Connections Forum Program (350kB PDF)

The Tweed Byron Koala Connections project team invite you to share our stories and lessons from implementing the Koala Connections project. Tweed Byron Koala Connections commenced in 2013 aiming to address the threats impacting the threatened coastal koala populations in the two Shires. The project has resulted in the creation of 55 hectares of new koala habitat on more than 120 sites. Together with a range of threat management activities to reduce the impacts of cars, fire, and dogs, Koala Connections has combined science, strategic thinking, innovation and community engagement to deliver a critical response to koala recovery.

Presentations and discussion at the forum will include the ins and outs of large scale revegetation, fire management, koala roads, landholder engagement and where to from here? The forum is on Friday 6 May 2016 at the Byron Community Centre.

It is a free event but bookings are required. To secure your ticket - click here.

Tweed Coast Koala Study 2015

One of the priority actions of the Tweed Coast Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management is the reassessment of the status of the Tweed Coast koala population, as it is now five years since survey work for the Tweed Coast Koala Habitat Study was done in 2010. The Tweed Coast Koala Study 2015 (5.72mB PDF) was completed in December 2015 and describes the methods, results and implications of the most recent survey

See the Koala Study 2015 FAQ (445kB PDF) for a summary of the study.

Tweed Coast Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management

The Tweed Coast koala population has declined by approximately 50 per cent in the last decade and without action there is a very real risk that koalas could disappear from the Tweed Coast within the next 15 – 20 years.

Tweed Shire Council has prepared a Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (4.47mB PDF) to help the Tweed Coast koala population recover to more sustainable levels over the next two decades. The plan was adopted as a strategy of Council on Thursday 19 February 2015.

The plan has been prepared in conjunction with the Tweed Coast Koala Advisory Group, in accordance with State Environmental Planning Policy No. 44 – Koala Habitat Protection and is based on the outcomes of the Tweed Coast Koala Habitat Study. The plan aims to ensure a strategic and comprehensive approach to issues including:
  • habitat protection and restoration
  • management of bushfire
  • mitigation of threats from motor vehicles, dogs and disease
  • community education
  • research, monitoring and evaluation
  • resourcing and implementation

Koala Connections

Koala Connections aims to provide a secure future for koalas by increasing the area, quality and connectivity of koala habitat in the Tweed and Byron shires.

The $3.5 million program is improving habitat - to protect koalas and many other species of endangered fauna and flora - through tree planting, weed control, community engagement, pest management, fire management and planning.

The project is working with landholders and community partners to plant 30,000 koala food trees and 25,000 trees and shrubs to enhance endangered ecological communities.

Landholders in areas most important to the coastal koala populations of Tweed and Byron are eagerly participating. At the project halfway point in June 2014, 40,000 trees have been planted at 74 sites.

The Koala Connections project is funded principally by a $2 million grant from the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund.

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Volunteers plant another 150 koala trees at Pottsville Wetland

  27 October 2015

A group of dedicated volunteers brought together by a joint initiative of Team Koala and Council have planted another 150 koala food trees in Pottsville Wetland.  The group have been planting and maintaining koala plantings each month with more.... more

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Koala Connections announced as finalist in Banksia Sustainability Awards

  14 October 2015

Tweed Byron Koala Connections has been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Banksia Sustainability Awards  The Banksias are regarded as the most prestigious and longest running environmental awards in Australia. These awards recognise.... more

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Koalas already benefiting from young planted trees at Pottsville

  27 August 2015

Koalas have been recorded using trees planted by the Koala Connections project at two sites around Pottsville Wetland.  This is a highly significant and exciting outcome given the trees being used are less than 18 months old.  The previous.... more

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Pottsville Eco Warriors help local koalas

  17 August 2015

Pottsville Beach Public School Eco Warriors are working with Council to save Tweed Coast koalas. Based on an information session delivered by Council, the students developed a list of actions that they could take to help.  Their work.... more

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Koala Connections Tree Competition Awards announced

  27 July 2015

The Koala Connections tree competition awards night was held on Friday 17th of July celebrating dozens of entries in the categories of 'Tallest tree', 'Best maintained planting' and 'My special forest'.  More than 50 people attended the awards.... more

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Koala Connections finalist in World Environment Day Awards

  28 May 2015

Tweed Byron Koala Connections has been selected as a finalist in the United Nations Association of Australia's World Environment Day Awards.  The project is one of five finalists in the Best Specific Environmental Initiative category of the.... more

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Koala Connections committee visits Byron sites

  19 May 2015

The Koala Connections Steering Committee has completed field visits to a number of the project sites in Byron Shire.  It was an excellent opportunity for the committee to meet some of the dedicated landowners involved in the project and to see.... more

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50,000 Tweed Byron Koala Connections trees planted!

  1 April 2015

The 50,000th Tweed Byron Koala Connections tree was planted on Saturday 28th March by volunteers at Pottsville Wetland. A swamp mahogany, one of the coastal koala's favourite feed species, was planted to celebrate this highly significant.... more

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Top 5 things you can do to help koalas

  18 February 2015

Saving the koalas on the Tweed Coast requires a whole of community response.  New information materials have been produced that list the Top 5 things that anyone can do to help conserve koalas.  The tips apply throughout the Tweed.... more

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Clothiers Creek 'koala road' works commenced

  4 December 2014

Works have commenced to establish a 3 kilometre section of Clothiers Creek Road as a 'koala road'. This section of road bisects known koala populations in Cudgen Nature Reserve and is unfortunately responsible for the death of 1 - 2 koalas per.... more

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NSW Green Globe Award

  4 November 2014

The Tweed Byron Koala Connections project has won the Natural Environment Sustainability category in the NSW Green Globe Awards. The Green Globes are the leading environmental awards in NSW with more than 130 nominations received this year. more

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Living with fire and koalas workshop in Bogangar

  18 August 2014

Living with fire and koalas in the Tweed (407kB)

Protecting humans and koalas from wildfire was the focus of a workshop held on Saturday 16 August at Cabarita Sports Club. 30 local residents received information about fire management and koala conservation from representatives of Tweed Shire.... more

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Cudgen Nature Reserve planting complete

  13 August 2014

5000 trees have been planted at Cudgen Nature Reserve including 2600 koala food trees. Contractors Bushland Restoration Services have planted the trees on ex-banana lease areas adjacent to important koala habitat.

The site....

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Mt St Patrick College group help out koalas

  8 August 2014

Students from Mt St Patrick College environment group planted 300 trees at Cudgen Nature Reserve as part of the Koala Connections project.  Twenty one students asssisted in planting the site that connects another large planting project with.... more

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Koala survey to assist fire planning

  8 May 2014

Council ecologists completed a koala activity survey at Cabarita to assist NSW NPWS plan a hazard reduction burn in Cudgen Nature Reserve. Identification of the areas with koala activity will be used to prepare the burn plan in a manner that avoids.... more

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Another 1000 trees in the ground at Pottsville

  6 May 2014

Nearly 30 volunteers assisted in planting an important patch of koala habitat at Pottsville. Volunteers from Team Koala, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and the RSPCA Wildlife Ambulance joined forces with Council and the Bushland Restoration Services.... more

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Koalas using highway fauna overpass

  12 April 2014

Monitoring of structures installed to assist animals to move across the Pacific Highway has recently confirmed use by koalas. Remote cameras installed on one of the constructed fauna overpasses have revealed use by a koala and many other species.... more

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Broken Head community koala planting

  11 April 2014

A strong planting team from the Brays Forest Community completed a connecting planting of 1500 trees including koala food trees, between existing koala habitat patches at Broken Head. The main species planted were swamp mahogany (Eucalyptus.... more

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Koala Connections team visit Byron sites

  20 February 2014

The Koala Connections project team recently visited a number of project sites in the Byron Shire. The site visits revealed not only fantastic outcomes creating new koala habitat, but also the inspiring contributions landholders are making. The.... more

Tweed Coast Koala Habitat Study 2011

A detailed koala habitat study was undertaken for the coastal portion of the Tweed local government area in 2011. An area of approximately 21,200 ha, comprising lands surrounding Terranora and Cobaki Broadwaters in the north and extending approximately 35 km south, generally between the coast and the Pacific Highway was surveyed.

The study documented extensive habitat fragmentation to the degree that the remaining viable koala population is now restricted to a small area between Bogangar and Pottsville. Critical koala recovery actions are identified including in relation to fire management, the impact of vehicles and habitat restoration.

Last Updated: 28 April 2016