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Tweed Community Options

Tweed Community Options (COPs) provides programs to support eligible Tweed Shire Residents to stay living independently and safely in the community and in their own home.

Tweed COPs provides eligible clients with direct services, as an interim measure whilst awaiting the uptake of referrals to other services. Tweed COPs does not provide a long term service. Our aim is to connect clients to the services they need, support the attainment of their goals, then to exit.

This is an individual and flexible process that recognises many people have complex and changing needs that may require support and time to establish options and monitor effectiveness.

Home and Community Care (HACC) Funded Case Management Services

Tweed Community Options HACC programs are funded by the Federal and State Governments to provide case management support to eligible people - frail aged, people with a disability and carers - who have a range of needs and goals.

This service aims to support independence and empowerment.

Case Management involves:
  • a comprehensive assessment of client individual needs
  • identification of current strengths and goals
  • the development of a plan to support the achievement of goals
  • identification of the service and supports needed
  • referral to other services that may be required, provision of information and advocacy support
  • service coordination, monitoring and review.

The Tweed Community Options Brochure (451kB PDF) and Tweed Community Options Handbook (60kB PDF) are available to provide further information.

Anyone can make a referral . You can call yourself or if you want to make a referral for someone else you need their consent before you call. Call our office on (07) 5569 3110 to make a referral or learn more about our service.

Podiatry Services

Tweed COPs Podiatry provides assistance and/or advice, through a local Podiatrist, relating to foot and lower limb problems specifically related to people who are deemed 'at risk' of deteriorating quality of life due to a precarious foot health status.

Tweed COPs Podiatry funding provides services to eligible clients who cannot access private podiatry services and are at risk or receiving no treatment.

A Tweed Community Options Podiatry Brochure (486kB PDF) is available to provide further information. Call our office on (07) 5569 3110 to make a referral or learn more about our service.

Older Parent Carers

When you’re an older parent, caring for a son or daughter with a disability, it can be a challenging task. There is a lot to consider in preparation for the future. Tweed COPs can help you address ‘whole-of-life’ needs to you and the person for whom you care. This program helps parents of a person with a disability and encourages both the carer and person receiving care to plan and build independence. We work together and tailor services to meet both of your needs.

A Tweed Community Options Older Parent Care Brochure (280kB PDF) is available to provide further information. Call our office on (07) 5569 3110 to make a referral or learn more about our service.


There is no cost for assessment or case management. Participants of our programs will be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of services. You will not be refused service if you cannot afford to make the contribution.

Other HACC Services

There are other HACC services in the Tweed that other organisations administer, and a HACC Brochure (875kB PDF) on HACC Tweed Services and their contact details is available.

Specific Assistance for Carers

NSW Health had made available a grant of funds to support the establishment of a website specifically to help working carers. The site design and updating is provided by DAISI (Disability and Aged Information Service) who received a grant from NSW Health for this Project. You can access this site from

Service Providers – Service Agreements

Tweed Shire Community Options Service Agreements are used for all Brokerage services and these agreements are required prior to commencing work on our behalf. All service providers with us, need to be aware that our Service Agreement states that WHS legislation and practices; HACC Guidelines and practices; and client/carer rights must be adhered to when delivering services to our clients. Service providers are required to read these documents and implement them when sub-contracting with Tweed Shire Council’s Community Options Program.

Formal Complaints

If you feel that your rights are not being respected and this is a concern to you – we need to know this as soon as possible. This is best pursued by:
  • Speaking to our staff who were responsible for organising the support or services that are now causing concern for you.
  • If the staff person is unable or fails to sort out the problem, you can call the Coordinator on (07) 5569 3110.
  • If the concern is still not resolved satisfactorily you may wish to speak or write to the following people in management level within Tweed Shire Council:

    Tracey Stinson, Director of Community and Natural Resources on (02) 6670 2400 or 1300 292 872
    Tweed Shire Council
    PO Box 816
    Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Complaints either in writing or by phone will be registered on the Records Management System or responded to within 14 working days. We are here to support you and not to judge you for your comments. We aim to provide a best practice approach to our work and this is linked to your assistance with accurate and timely feedback when services or goods are not satisfactory to you.

For formal complaints or for further resolution of your concerns, you may also choose to contact the:

Ombudsman’s Office
Community Services Division
Level 24/580 George Street
Phone: 1800 451 524 (Freecall)

This is a free and confidential service that can assist you in working through any complaints or concerns about the service you are receiving.

If you need assistance to undertake any of these steps we can assist you to access.

If you require any further information please call our office on (07) 5569 3110, HACC Centre, CNR Heffron Street and Minjungbal Drive South Tweed Heads. (Next to the Tweed Heads indoor pool).

Last Updated: 14 November 2014