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There will be changes to Tweed Shire’s domestic kerbside bin collection services from 1 July 2017, to direct more household waste away from landfill.

Tweed Shire Council is introducing a new 3 Bin Collection Service for urban residents, including: a weekly organics collection service (green-lid bin) for all food scraps and garden waste; one garbage (red-lid) bin, and one recycling (yellow-lid) bin.

This collection will be provided to urban residential properties and will replace the current Multi-Bin System (one garbage and one recycling bin, with an optional user-pays garden waste service).

Rural properties and multi-unit developments larger than two units (unless already provided with a green bin service) will remain on the 2 Bin System at this time.

The NSW Government has set a target for all NSW councils to divert at least 70 per cent of waste from landfill, by recycling and reusing materials where possible.

The Tweed cannot come close to meeting that target without the introduction of the 3 Bin System, and its organics service, because of the high proportion of food waste currently in households’ red lid bins.

The new service will change what goes in each bin and when each bin is collected.

Click on the tab below to find out how the 3 Bin Service will work.

Maps of the collection areas will be available on Council’s website closer to the start of the service. Delivery of green-lid bins will start near the end of May 2017 and it will take about four weeks for all the bins to be delivered.

Multi-Bin System – Current Bin Collection System until 30 June 2017
3 Bin System – New Bin Collection System from 1 July 2017
3 Bin System Roadshow - Locations and Dates
Last Updated: 04 April 2017