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Aerial View of Airfield - Oblique North
Aerial View of Airfield - Oblique North

The airfield located at Murwillumbah is a grass strip of approximately 800 metres which can accommodate up to twin propeller aircraft. It operates in unrestricted airspace and is open to use by general aviation. Prior contact with the Airfield is advised to establish local conditions before landing.


Murwillumbah Aero Club (general airfield conditions) (02) 6672 3235

Council (business hours for airfield closure and flooding information) (02) 6670 2541

Pilot Notes

A link is provided below to allow a download of pilot notes which establish general guidelines for the use of the Airfield as well as other miscellaneous details. Check regularly for updates. Murwillumbah Airfield Pilot Notes (946kB PDF)

Aircraft Noise

Council does not have any jurisdiction over aircraft or airspace. As a result we are not notified by pilots, aircraft, or the relevant authorities of an aircraft’s destination, origin, purpose or any other details. Customers who wish to pursue a complaint or conduct further investigations in regards to aircraft noise or operations should contact Airservices Australia. They provide a telephone noise enquiry service (1800 802 584) which enables the community to express their concerns about specific aircraft noise events or aircraft noise in general.

Note** Approval is generally required to land helicopters on private land within the Shire as Council’s Local Environment Plan (LEP) requires that development approval is required for the construction of Helipads on private land.


Links are also provided below to allow the download of two maps that show broad scale aerial mapping of the Airfield.

Airfield Layout Map (1.79mB JPG)

Airfield Locality Map (3.65mB JPG)

Google Maps Location

Last Updated: 19 May 2017